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Summary data on the Czech Republic

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Summary data on the Czech Republic provides selected data from individual areas with a focus on the real economy, monetary and fiscal indicators. They gather data from the CZSO as well as data from other institutions, such as the Czech National Bank, the Ministry of Finance and others. The page also includes links to summary analyzes and data publications.

  • GDP increase/decrease, year-on-year (comparable prices 2020)

    Publication date: 28. 06. 2024

    Year 2023


  • Average annual inflation rate

    Publication date: 11. 01. 2024

    Year 2023


  • Real wage increase/decrease, year-on-year

    Publication date: 01. 07. 2024

    Year 2023


  • General unemployment rate, annual average

    Publication date: 24. 06. 2024

    Year 2023


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Selected data on the Czech Republic

Number of inhabitants as at 31 December (thousands of people)10,553.810,578.810,610.110,649.810,693.910,701.810,516.710,827.510,900.5
GDP increase/decrease, year-on-year (%, comparable prices, 2020=100)
Average annual inflation rate (%)
Real wage increase/decrease, year-on-year (%)
General unemployment rate, annual average (%)
GDP per capita in purchasing power parity (PPP, in current prices)24.51425.31527.03327.78429.66728.63530.95333.27935.474
GDP per capita in purchasing power parity (EU 27 average = 100)88.689.
Economic activity rate – population aged 15 and over59.459.960.260.660.459.859.859.959.9
Year-on-year growth/decrease in industrial production (%, constant 2021 prices)
Year-on-year growth/decrease in construction output (%, constant 2021 prices)7.9-
R&D Expenditure to GDP (%)1.921.671.771.
General government deficit (surplus) to GDP (%)-
State budget balance to GDP (%)-1.41.3-0.10.1-0.5-6.3-6.7-5.13.8
State debt to GDP (%)36.033.331.429.627.935.

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