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European Parliament election results on the Statistical Geoportal

Product Code: 990288-24

June, 14

In addition to the results of the 2021 Census and demographic statistics, the Czech Statistical Office presents the results of selected types of elections on its geoportal. The latest addition is the results of the 2024 European Parliament elections.

The thematic maps of the Statistical Atlas show the results of the June European Parliament elections from the level of city sections and municipalities, the turnout or the share of valid votes for the parties that crossed the 5% threshold and will have a representative in the European Parliament.

In all maps, by selecting the chosen territorial unit on the map, you can see a table with the absolute number of valid votes in total for the specific elected party, and a bar chart with a clear comparison of the results of the different political parties for the territory.

For comparison, the CZSO has also prepared a reminder of the results of the previous 2019 Euro elections in the form of 48 thematic maps with the same content.

In addition to the elections to the European Parliament, the Statistical Atlas also presents the results of the presidential election in 2023. The user can choose from a total of 72 thematic maps for 12 indicators, such as voter turnout in the first or second round, or the share of valid votes cast for individual presidential candidates.